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We Offer the Following Services

Empower your journey to mental wellness with our compassionate and evidence-based psychiatric rehabilitation services.

Therapist listening to her upset patient

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

Our aim is to assist persons with mental health or psychological challenges recover from their illness. We help boost their self-esteem by counseling them on symptom management for easy rehabilitation into society.

Psychotherapist working with African-American teenage boy in office

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC)

We provide mental health services to persons who suffer from psychological distress by offering outpatient therapy and counseling treatment.

Middle age talking with psychotherapist in ordination

Outpatient Treatment Level (OP)1

This level of treatment allows patients to continue with their daily routines while also in constant meetings with our skilled physicians for periodic evaluation and follow-up of their mental health status.

A woman talking to other people during group therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Level (IOP)2.1

In this program, we organize several groups and individual sessions to enable interaction between patients on the one hand and patients/counselors on the other hand. The aim is to assess the level of health improvement as per achievable goals.

young woman in a consultation with a professional psychologist

Behavioral Health Interventions

Our patients participate in a psychiatric evaluation in order to ensure they take their medication as prescribed.

What We Do

  • - General Physician Extender
  • - Identifying Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders
  • - Provide Necessary Medicine for Addiction
  • - Explaining the Use of Psychotropic Medications
  • - Providing Interactive Medicine for Addiction to Substance Use Disorders
  • - Mental Health Emergency Services
  • - Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Services
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